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New iPhone 7 Concept Features An All-Screen Design With iOS 10!

The new iPhone 7 concept, forged by Marek Weidlich, is an interesting take on design. For starters, the focus is entirely on the device’s display, where the Home button has been removed for good and has been replaced by a software one. Speaking of software, the device runs on top of iOS 10, and on the face of things it looks exactly like watchOS that powers the Apple Watch. We have to admit that the software looks absolutely stunning on what the designer is calling the ‘never ending screen.’

The back of the device has also been given a complete makeover, with the camera sensor now living on the top center of the casing. Also, the concept designer images a new feature for the iPhone 7 which he is calling ‘iArt,’ which basically lets you swap out back covers of the smartphone itself to give users more choice on the customization front. We can’t say that we are fans of this addition, but we’re certain some people will dig the idea more than others.

Features depicted include: 

  • 3D Touch for different options per button
  • Long press to move buttons around
  • Edit button to replace buttons
  • Dark mode

The iPhone 7 rumors are already coming in a flurry, and along with them lots of different concepts and mockups. This year’s newest smartphones from the big Apple will have a different design (as it does every other year), which is always exciting to look forward to.

One of the more interesting concept iPhone 7 videos so far was made by, which showcases a bezel-less OLED display and the removal of the physical home button. These choices are inspired by a few rumors lately, which say that Apple has patented technology that would support these features.

Even more interesting is the mockup of iOS 10. The concept video shows off what Apple might be able to do with a digital home button that functions as a way to jump to an app on the lock screen, as well as using it for swipes like a trackpad. The mockup also has a pretty cool idea on the home screen that would finally bring widgets to iOS. The iPhone 7 design is probably more likely than the iOS 10 stuff, both are pretty fun to see in action.

iOS 10 release date rumours: When will Apple announce iOS 10?

The big question on everybody's lips is "when will iOS 10 be released?" and while we can't give you an exact date, we can look at past events and estimate its arrival. Typically, Apple announces its new iteration of iOS every June at its WWDC event in the US, with an Autumn release date. This three/four-month gap between the announcement and its release gives developers a chance to squash any bugs and add any new features to their third-party iOS apps, in time for general release.

This is probably the easiest thing to predict. Following on from the usual release schedule of the past few years, we would expect to see iOS 10 ready and available to download towards the end of September. Probably on the same week as the iPhone 7 hits.

iOS 10 new features rumours: Users will be able to hide Apple's own apps

App Advice has discovered some new code that's been added to every app on the App Store, and it suggests that Apple is planning to add the ability to hide its own apps.

This code adds an entry labelled "is First Party Hideable App" for each app, and while this entry is universally labelled as "false" at present, the implication is that at some point in the near future you'll be able to hide at least some of Apple's own apps (such as Stocks, Game Center, Tips and so on) so they're not visible on your Home screen. Presumably not all, otherwise having two separate entries for "is First Party" and "is First Party Hideable App" would be redundant.

The most obvious time to unveiled this new feature would be at WWDC 2016, alongside iOS 10 - although whether such a feature would be exclusive to iOS 10 users, or merely coincide with its launch, remains to be seen.

This would be a highly popular feature, of course, given how many people search for ways to delete or hide preinstalled apps. It's disappointing that Apple is focusing on hiding rather than deleting its own apps, however - the (admittedly small amount of) storage space will still be wasted - but it would be a good start.

As it stands now, the only iOS 10 feature we’ve heard rumblings about centers on a new service dubbed iCloud Voicemail that would use Siri to answer calls and transcribe voice messages.

In the months ahead, it’ll be interesting to see what type of cool new features Apple plans to incorporate into iOS 10, especially given that iOS 9 last year was largely focused on under-the-hood optimizations designed to improve the overall user experience and eliminate pesky bugs and performance issues.

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