iOS 10 Rumors, Features, Beta Release Date

Here are iOS 10 beta download, features, and release date rumors that we know so far. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch at WWDC 2016.

iOS 10 should be next for Apple, as it launched iOS 9.3 this week. Look for hints of an iOS 10 beta in the next three months.

Apple's iOS 10 update is the milestone software version for the iPhone and iPad, and its release date is currently three months away, according to the company's routine schedule.

Downloading the iOS 10 beta this summer and the final release a few weeks later won't end up being a big surprise, but where Apple takes the mobile operating system is still a mystery.

We're just now reporting on the first iOS 10 update rumors, including new interface and app features that haven't been pushed out to your iPhone 6S and iPad Pro 12.9 as part of iOS 9.3.

Apple is preparing the redesigned iPhone 7, according to the latest leaks, and that means the interface may take on a few surprises. Here's what we've heard and want.

iOS 10 Release Date

In a similar fashion to the initial beta download predictions above, Apple has historically been very predictable when it comes to making a major version of iOS publicly available. Going by that, we expect final version of iOS 10 going live around the world in the same week as Apple’s next-generation iPhone going on sale, which will be in September this year.

We will be continuously updating this post as we learn more about the upcoming rumored features for iOS 10, so keep checking back and stay tuned!

iOS 10 Features (Rumored)

From a purely visual and aesthetic standpoint, iOS 10 will likely be identical to what we currently have with iOS 9. Those that are secretly hoping for a huge aesthetic overhaul – like what we saw with the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7 – are going to be left largely disappointed. But those who are more interested in new features than UI overhaul will be pleased to know that iOS 10 is rumored to bring a number of new features to the table.

The first one of those could be new emojis. As has been previously reported, an agreement by the Unicode Consortium could potentially pave the way for 74 additional emoji characters to find their way onto Apple’s iOS 10. Those new emoji characters have already been agreed on by the Consortium, and as such are all set to be featured in Unicode 9.0, schedule to be released mid-2016. Perfect timing for initial developer previews of iOS 10.
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