Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Features, Release Date, Specification, Price

Samsung may have given the Android loving market what it needs with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones, but the Korean company is unlikely to be satisfied with that for the remainder of 2016. Historically speaking, Samsung usually finishes off the year with the release of an upgraded version of its Galaxy Note “phablet” during the third quarter, and this year should be no different. We may be a few months off even getting an official look at the Galaxy Note 6, but already we’re starting to hear speculation about the improvements that Samsung is likely to bundle into the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be released in three different model; standard, edge and foldable version. Below is the detailed coverage of all the rumors and news on Note 6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date & Feateurs:
Samsung Galaxy note 6 is rumored to have release date on 2016. Checkout expected speficiations, price, features and images for note 6 edge.

It’s a generally accepted phenomena these days that we will start being privy to reports from various sources that are familiar with what Samsung is going to bring to the tablet in the coming months. This time around, the initial reports are focusing on a couple of key inclusions that should hopefully appeal to Note lovers.

In the first instance, there is a speculation that Samsung’s sixth-generation Note hardware will come with official IP68 certification, allowing Samsung to market the device as water resistant and fully protected from the ingress of dust elements. Given the current market, along with the devices available and waterproofing features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, we would have expected any future Samsung devices to offer the same certification, so this isn’t really a shocker.

Things get a little interesting when you start to consider the potential of Samsung including an iris scanner in the Note 6 as part of an effort to progress the level of biometric detection that devices currently offer. It is being reported that an “Iris Cam” has already been imported by Samsung to one of its huge research and development sites located in India. It doesn’t explicitly state that it’s meant for the Note 6, but the document does read “parts for Samsung Mobile”, so at a minimum, this at least tells us that Samsung is testing this type of technology for potential smartphone integration.

Specification for new Galaxy Note 6 Edge:

The Note 6 is rumored to have a 4500 mAh battery, 5.9 inch high quality HD screen, and a 7.9mm thick structure. To translate what these measurements mean, here’s the breakdown:

This phone will have a powerful battery that can last for hours upon hours and can handle multiple open apps without burning your palm.

The screen will provide users with a display similar to a mini-HDTV.

The phone’s thickness is shockingly small, considering how large the phone’s battery is.

Besides this, the Galaxy Note 6 may have a flexible display, meaning that the phone will bend to the shape of your pocket. This spec will prevent millions from suffering the unfortunate dropping of their phone from bending over. Also, for the first time, Samsung will include an all-in-one chip in the phone that contains all the phone’s data, memory, and storage.

On the bright side, Samsung is likely to increase the native storage space for the Note 6. This means someone can buy a Note 6 with a greater amount storage for a lower price. While the Note 4’s default is and the Note 5’s default was 32 GB, in this age, smartphones are increasingly used as a person’s “every tech.” People require their smartphones not only to call others and contain apps, but also to store all of their music, photos, and personal data. To accommodate for this new trend, Samsung is likely to adjust their default to 64GB or at least offer their 64GB phone for a smaller amount of money.

With the Samsung Note 6, the battery power will increase at least by 50%. In addition to this, the GalaxyNote6 will have wireless charging capability as the standard instead of the capability being an extra additive. Making wireless charging a standard will cause the phone’s size to increase, but not by much. That means the screen will be larger and the phone will be thicker. The phone increasingly will look like a small tablet as opposed to a phone. The Note 6 definitely will feature the flexible screen and a more advanced all-in-one chip, placing it far ahead of its competitors. Hopefully Samsung figures out a way to include a MicroSD card slot to the Note 6 considering the Note 5 will be lacking of the space additive. If users are able to use a MicroSD card on their their upcoming Smartphone, they will not have to worry about the costs of upgrading their phone memory manually.

Price for upcoming Samsung Note 6 Edge

The Galaxy Note 6 will cost you hundreds of dollars if you get the phone without a contract. Almost $600 to be exact. With a contract, the phone will cost you $99 – $200, depending on which phone company you have a contract with. The price ticks upward as the size of the memory storage increases. To avoid shelling out over half a thousand on a phone, get a Note-6 under a cellphone company contract. Make sure to pick a cellphone company that is trustworthy and has a great reception in the areas you frequent the most.

That being said, Samsung may do some considerable amount of changes to upcoming Smartphone that lower or increase the price of the highly rumored Note 6.

There’s no real definitive proof that this type of technology will be used in the Galaxy Note 6 later this year, but given the type of device and the type of demographic that it appeals to, it would almost seem like the perfect hardware to integrate an iris scanner in to.

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