How To Submit A Blogger Website To Google

How to Submit Your Site to Search Engines

You can submit your sitemap directly to Google via Google Search Console. This makes it easier for Google to crawl and categorize your site.

We highly recommend manually submitting your website pages to the search engines. That said, the search engines give no guarantee of ranking your page because you have manually submitted it.  It is a tool that we use to let the search engines know that we have new information to share.
We suggest manual submission of your site's pages to Google, Yahoo! and Bing because they have made it apparent that it is what they prefer. The search engines have implemented manual submission as a best practice to protect themselves from extreme levels of spam.
It is important to submit your site's pages to all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) because even though the other engines have less traffic than Google, they still have millions of users. When you submit a URL or domain name to the search engines, it could take anywhere from two to four weeks to get indexed. Sometimes your page will not get indexed after you submit it, if that occurs, wait four weeks and then resubmit the page again.
If you are unhappy with your web page's ranking results, take a look at what your competition is doing.  Make sure you are following the basic rules of search engine optimization.  Make changes to the page and resubmit it to the search engines. You can submit your pages a maximum of two times per month until you are listed in the major search engines' results.

Submit Site to Google

Google's URL submit is very quick and easy. Just go to Google's web page for URL submitting, type in your URL, type in the message that ensures Google you are an individual not a software robot and click "add URL."
You can also submit your site map to Google via their Webmaster Tools.

Warning: In order to submit your sitemap to Google, you must first verify your site with Google Search Console. Once you verify your site, Google identifies you as the site owner.

To submit your sitemap:

Select your site on your Google Search Console home page.
Click Crawl.
Click Sitemaps.
Type sitemap.xml.
Click Submit Sitemap.

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